ELLE DECO: Eco-friendly interiors

PUBLICATION: ELLE DECO A feature on sustainable interiors and the circular economy, published in Elle Deco (below).

WIRED: The reality of having a lockdown baby

PUBLICATION: WIRED Starting to feel like you’ve spent half your life in lockdown? For my daughter that is literally the case. At five months old, she knows little more than the four walls of our flat and her parents’ faces. My brief foray into the world of infant classes – baby swimming, baby massage, baby … Continue Reading

RED: Deciding when to have a baby

PUBLICATION: RED It’s difficult to admit you accidentally got pregnant in your 30s. Unplanned pregnancies, it had always been drummed into me, were a silly teenage mistake, a condom splitting in your early twenties, a drunken one night stand. They definitely didn’t happen to married 31-year-olds. Plus, according to the current narrative about women’s fertility, … Continue Reading

COSMOPOLITAN: How I beat my flying phobia

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN It’s 4am and I’m in the tiny toilet of a Boeing 777. I’m 24 hours into a 31-hour, four-leg flight to New Zealand, and can barely think straight; my vision blurred by tiredness and hunger. How can I possibly eat when my stomach’s churning and my single-minded concentration is all that’s keeping this … Continue Reading

STYLIST: It’s time to embrace positive discomfort

PUBLICATION: STYLIST A ripple of excitement runs through the crowd as the first guitar chord bursts from the stage. Our headline act has arrived and suddenly thousands of festival-goers are moving and singing as one. I’m in the midst of them, riding the wave of elation, and feeling more energetic than I ever imagined possible … Continue Reading

FABULOUS: Can I scrub up to Mrs Hinch’s domestic challenge?

PUBLICATION: THE SUN It's 9pm on a Monday and and I’m scrubbing the bathroom floor of my south London flat. Normally I’d be relaxing in front of the TV with my husband Sam, 32, but this week I’m following the lead of Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch, who shares evangelical Insta Stories about cleaning – or “Hinching” … Continue Reading

RED: Keeping my maiden name doesn’t mean my husband is weak

PUBLICATION: RED Deciding not to dump my surname of 29 years didn’t seem like a big deal before the wedding, but it’s since dawned on me how unthinkable it is to many. Perhaps it was the heaps of “Mr and Mrs Wood” wedding cards dropping through my letterbox, or the countless times I’ve been grilled … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to stop keeping hold of things “just in case”

PUBLICATION: RED How many times have you started a house clear-out with gusto, only to be stalled a few minutes in with the major conundrum: “But what if I need it?” Guilt, indecision and the fear of losing something vital can all scupper our efforts to declutter, and often it feels easier to simply shove … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: A professional declutterer cleared out my wardrobe

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING There’s a scene in the Sex And The City movie where Carrie falls in love with an apartment based mainly on the sleek, capacious walk-in wardrobe she discovers inside. Personally, I can well understand her enchantment, living as I do in a small London flat with an embarrassingly large collection of clothes. … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Wedding guest etiquette advice

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Anyone who’s planned a wedding will know that however much you love your friends and family, it’s normally the guests who cause the biggest headache when it comes to the big day. From constant text messages about the local parking situation, to that one guest who indulges in one too many G&Ts, … Continue Reading