FITT: Inhabit Hotel review

PUBLICATION: FITT While many hotels merely nod to wellness by adding Bran Flakes to the breakfast buffet or offering a “fitness centre” comprised of a single creaky cross-trainer in a basement corner, local destination Inhabit has health and well-being at its core. Located on a quiet Paddington side street, this 89-room hotel has branded itself … Continue Reading

MOTHER & BABY: How to cope with pregnancy if you love exercise

PUBLICATION: MOTHER & BABY Are you the fitness-obsessed type who dreads ‘taking it easy’? If so, exercise during pregnancy can be a challenge – where once you enjoyed pre-work HIIT classes and regularly pounding the pavement, now you’re carrying a baby it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. The NHS recommends keeping active during … Continue Reading

TIME OUT: Best pregnancy yoga classes in London

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT It’s a fact: pregnancy can send your body completely haywire. From sore backs to dodgy hips, women suddenly find themselves contending with a whole list of unexpected physical changes, but pregnancy yoga is here to help. Offering specialised exercise classes designed to strengthen the body, pre-natal yoga keeps you flexible and helps put a … Continue Reading

COSMOPOLITAN: The UK’s 10 best cycling routes

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN If the arrival of warmer weather has you craving outdoor adventure, you can't go wrong with dusting off your bike and setting off for a day on two wheels. As well as having plenty of health benefits, cycling is a great way to explore your local area and soak up some sun. It's … Continue Reading

TIME OUT: The best HIIT classes in London

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT If you really want to see results from your exercise routine, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the way to go. From boxing to climbing, bodyweight exercises to burpees, there are many varieties of HIIT on offer in London. Here are our favourites. Read the full story

WOMEN’S HEALTH: Breathing techniques to help you sleep

PUBLICATION: WOMEN'S HEALTH Sleep proving elusive, even when you've parked your phone, done your 'yoga for bedtime' session with Adrienne and drawn yourself a hot, magnesium salt-packed bath? According to the latest data released by the NHS, one third of UK adults will experience spells of insomnia at some point. When work, family and political … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How I motivate myself to exercise

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ‘How do you get the motivation to exercise regularly?’ It’s a question I get asked almost as often as I workout (which is around five times a week, normally) and I totally get why people struggle. After all, much as I’d love to claim I’m one of those people who genuinely enjoys … Continue Reading

MTV: I took on the F45 8-week challenge

PUBLICATION: MTV Australians know a thing or two about fitness. With their outdoorsy lifestyles and tendency to be half-naked on the beach, Aussies spend a lot of time working out, and one of their favourite ways to do it is F45. Now becoming increasingly popular in the UK, F45 is a group fitness class involving … Continue Reading