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MARKS & SPENCER: Lingerie’s new mood


MARKS & SPENCER: Christmas party time


MARKS & SPENCER: Summer in the city


MARKS & SPENCER: Winter wardrobe refresh

PUBLICATION: MARKS & SPENCER Cleanse your palette of festive glitz with bold shapes, fresh colours and spring-ready prints. Read the full story. Photography: Josh Shinner

ELLE DECO: Eco-friendly interiors

PUBLICATION: ELLE DECO A feature on sustainable interiors and the circular economy, published in Elle Deco (below).

TIME OUT: Best historic pubs

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT A round-up of the best historic pub stays, published in Time Out magazine (below).

TIME OUT: De Vere House review

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT A review of De Vere House in Lavenham, published in Time Out magazine (below).  

TIME OUT: Best woodland hideaways

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT A round-up of the best woodland hideaways, published in Time Out magazine (below).

FITT: Inhabit Hotel review

PUBLICATION: FITT While many hotels merely nod to wellness by adding Bran Flakes to the breakfast buffet or offering a “fitness centre” comprised of a single creaky cross-trainer in a basement corner, local destination Inhabit has health and well-being at its core. Located on a quiet Paddington side street, this 89-room hotel has branded itself … Continue Reading

MARKS & SPENCER: Wedding planners showcase guest outfits


STYLIST: It’s time to embrace positive discomfort

PUBLICATION: STYLIST A ripple of excitement runs through the crowd as the first guitar chord bursts from the stage. Our headline act has arrived and suddenly thousands of festival-goers are moving and singing as one. I’m in the midst of them, riding the wave of elation, and feeling more energetic than I ever imagined possible … Continue Reading

WIRED: The reality of having a lockdown baby

PUBLICATION: WIRED Starting to feel like you’ve spent half your life in lockdown? For my daughter that is literally the case. At five months old, she knows little more than the four walls of our flat and her parents’ faces. My brief foray into the world of infant classes – baby swimming, baby massage, baby … Continue Reading

MARKS & SPENCER: Lingerie expert Q&A


MARKS & SPENCER: How to style a Breton top

PUBLICATION: MARKS & SPENCER It’s a ubiquitous wardrobe item, but chances are you style your Breton top the same way every time. Which is why we challenged Style & Living womenswear editor Sophie Hines (pictured) to wear this classic piece every day for a week, devising different outfits to take it to the next level… … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: The wedding dress challenge

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Your wedding dress is the most important outfit of your life. Here's what happened when I let my mum, my bridesmaid and my future husband all pick out their 'ideal' wedding dress for the big day. Read the full story.

COSMOPOLITAN: I tried Boohoo’s £35 wedding dress

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN The spiralling cost of weddings is a cause of stress for many young couples, with the average price of nuptials now standing at £27,000. As for the wedding dress, the average bride spends £1,385 on her gown, although anyone who’s ever visited a bridal boutique will know that dresses can easily cost over … Continue Reading

RED: Steal Meghan’s engagement style

PUBLICATION: RED Meghan Markle’s choice of a cream wrap coat to wear for her engagement photo call with Prince Harry caused the website of the Canadian brand behind it, Line, to crash almost instantly. However, if you want to get your hands on something very similar over here in the UK then we suggest you head to … Continue Reading

RED: Deciding when to have a baby

PUBLICATION: RED It’s difficult to admit you accidentally got pregnant in your 30s. Unplanned pregnancies, it had always been drummed into me, were a silly teenage mistake, a condom splitting in your early twenties, a drunken one night stand. They definitely didn’t happen to married 31-year-olds. Plus, according to the current narrative about women’s fertility, … Continue Reading

COSMOPOLITAN: How I beat my flying phobia

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN It’s 4am and I’m in the tiny toilet of a Boeing 777. I’m 24 hours into a 31-hour, four-leg flight to New Zealand, and can barely think straight; my vision blurred by tiredness and hunger. How can I possibly eat when my stomach’s churning and my single-minded concentration is all that’s keeping this … Continue Reading

REFINERY29: Why I think the “pregnancy glow” is a myth

PUBLICATION: REFINERY29 It’s 6am and I’m leaning into the bathroom mirror, unable to believe what’s staring back at me. Red, angry and erupting from my face like Vesuvius, it’s the mother of all spots. This is fitting because its arrival is down to the fact that I am about to become a mother. Read the … Continue Reading

CONDE NAST TRAVELLER: What to do in Cardiff

PUBLICATION: CONDE NAST TRAVELLER A medieval castle standing proudly at its centre; red dragon bunting strewn across the streets; stalls selling wooden love spoons and Welsh cakes – you can't miss the rich history and culture that make Cardiff a fitting capital for Wales Read the full story

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to never have a bad haircut again

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting in the hair salon, watching the mirror as your stylist busily snips away at your hair. You’ve got a niggling feeling that something’s not right… but no, you can’t make a fuss. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Half an hour later, you’ve paid … Continue Reading

MOTHER & BABY: How to cope with pregnancy if you love exercise

PUBLICATION: MOTHER & BABY Are you the fitness-obsessed type who dreads ‘taking it easy’? If so, exercise during pregnancy can be a challenge – where once you enjoyed pre-work HIIT classes and regularly pounding the pavement, now you’re carrying a baby it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. The NHS recommends keeping active during … Continue Reading

FABULOUS: Can I scrub up to Mrs Hinch’s domestic challenge?

PUBLICATION: THE SUN It's 9pm on a Monday and and I’m scrubbing the bathroom floor of my south London flat. Normally I’d be relaxing in front of the TV with my husband Sam, 32, but this week I’m following the lead of Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch, who shares evangelical Insta Stories about cleaning – or “Hinching” … Continue Reading

TIME OUT: Best pregnancy yoga classes in London

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT It’s a fact: pregnancy can send your body completely haywire. From sore backs to dodgy hips, women suddenly find themselves contending with a whole list of unexpected physical changes, but pregnancy yoga is here to help. Offering specialised exercise classes designed to strengthen the body, pre-natal yoga keeps you flexible and helps put a … Continue Reading

COSMOPOLITAN: The UK’s 10 best cycling routes

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN If the arrival of warmer weather has you craving outdoor adventure, you can't go wrong with dusting off your bike and setting off for a day on two wheels. As well as having plenty of health benefits, cycling is a great way to explore your local area and soak up some sun. It's … Continue Reading

BUZZFEED: 18 things you must eat in Cardiff

PUBLICATION: BUZZFEED There's lush. Read the full story

BUZZFEED: 18 things you must eat in Oxford

PUBLICATION: BUZZFEED The city of dreamy pies. Read the full story

BUZZFEED: 22 honest confessions from a Costa barista

PUBLICATION: BUZZFEED Just don't say "expresso". Read the full story

TIME OUT: The best HIIT classes in London

PUBLICATION: TIME OUT If you really want to see results from your exercise routine, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the way to go. From boxing to climbing, bodyweight exercises to burpees, there are many varieties of HIIT on offer in London. Here are our favourites. Read the full story

RED: Why Simone de Beauvoir should be your hero

PUBLICATION: RED “Women, you owe her everything!” announced newspaper headlines when Simone de Beauvoir, the French novelist and philosopher, died in 1986. As one of the first celebrity intellectuals and notorious for her book The Second Sex, published in 1949, De Beauvoir certainly made a seismic impact on feminist thinking in the 20th century, and … Continue Reading

WOMEN’S HEALTH: Breathing techniques to help you sleep

PUBLICATION: WOMEN'S HEALTH Sleep proving elusive, even when you've parked your phone, done your 'yoga for bedtime' session with Adrienne and drawn yourself a hot, magnesium salt-packed bath? According to the latest data released by the NHS, one third of UK adults will experience spells of insomnia at some point. When work, family and political … Continue Reading

WOMEN’S HEALTH: The difference between freckles and sun spots

PUBLICATION: WOMEN'S HEALTH Ever wondered what the difference between freckles and sun spots actually is? Probably not—but it raises the important question, how much do you really know about your skin? Most of us would be able to cite the fact that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and perhaps have a rudimentary knowledge … Continue Reading

RED: Makeup artists’ favourite products under £10

PUBLICATION: RED There’s nothing like the power of a punchy lipstick or fabulous eyeshadow to make you feel refreshed, and few things beat discovering a bargain beauty product that works better than pricier rivals. Makeup artists know this too; while you might expect their kits to be bursting with high-end brands, there are always a … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: I asked a hairdresser for Kate Middleton’s hair

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING From expensive designer dresses to high-street heels, the Duchess of Cambridge merely has to glimpsed in a fashion item for it to sell out, making her influence on the nation’s style undeniable. And it’s not just Kate’s clothes we’re after – the royal is famed for her gorgeous mane of hair, with … Continue Reading

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 6 uses of calamine lotion on grown-up skin

PUBLICATION: WOMEN'S HEALTH If you have one abiding memory of calamine lotion, it’s probably being liberally doused in the stuff during a childhood outbreak of chickenpox. As your granny no doubt told you, calamine lotion has long been hailed for its soothing, anti-itch benefits – in fact, it’s been used as far back as 1500BC. … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: I had makeovers at five different makeup counters

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Whether you’re a makeup maestro or only dabble occasionally, many of us love the idea of visiting a professional makeup artist and having our faces properly ‘done’. Luckily, you don’t need to be a celebrity to achieve that these days; many high street makeup brands offer makeovers in-house, but with so many … Continue Reading

BUZZFEED: 22 things that happen while choosing your wedding dress

PUBLICATION: BUZZFEED Prepare for the most epic shopping mission of your life. And then you'll discover they’re all designs from 2013, or aren’t available to buy anywhere in the Northern hemisphere. So let me get this straight, I have to pay 50 BRITISH POUNDS to come and try on your £3,000 dress? Read the full … Continue Reading

MARKS & SPENCER: How to dress up your basics

PUBLICATION: MARKS & SPENCER EDITORIAL Stylists love to mix and match simple wardrobe staples with bold, statement pieces – it’s the route to effortless style. Here’s how to elevate four fashion essentials: linen trousers, skinny jeans, a white T-shirt and a navy blazer. Read the full story

COSMOPOLITAN: The best wedding hair and makeup on film

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN What do Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Keira Knightley all have in common? They make absolutely stunning brides, that's what, and they've given us plenty of hair and makeup inspiration in their movie roles... Read the full story

COSMOPOLITAN: Nicole Scherzinger’s hair and beauty tips

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN With the X Factor final this weekend, we're going to miss our weekly dose of Nicole Scherzinger, but luckily she's leaving us with her top hair and beauty secrets. We caught up with the singer and Herbal Essences ambassador to find out which products she rates, her favourite party styles and what it's … Continue Reading

COSMOPOLITAN: Celebrity party makeup inspiration

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN Want a face like Taylor Swift or Jessica Biel? Then take a look at our celebrity party makeup ideas and choose which look you will be rocking to your next bash Read the full story

COSMOPOLITAN: Celebrity party hairstyle ideas – and how to copy them

PUBLICATION: COSMOPOLITAN Want a sexy new hairstyle for the party season? From Taylor Swift's tousled chignon to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's loose waves, we've picked out some of our favourite celebrity hair looks for you to try at home. Read the full story

RED: Keeping my maiden name doesn’t mean my husband is weak

PUBLICATION: RED Deciding not to dump my surname of 29 years didn’t seem like a big deal before the wedding, but it’s since dawned on me how unthinkable it is to many. Perhaps it was the heaps of “Mr and Mrs Wood” wedding cards dropping through my letterbox, or the countless times I’ve been grilled … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to stop keeping hold of things “just in case”

PUBLICATION: RED How many times have you started a house clear-out with gusto, only to be stalled a few minutes in with the major conundrum: “But what if I need it?” Guilt, indecision and the fear of losing something vital can all scupper our efforts to declutter, and often it feels easier to simply shove … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: A professional declutterer cleared out my wardrobe

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING There’s a scene in the Sex And The City movie where Carrie falls in love with an apartment based mainly on the sleek, capacious walk-in wardrobe she discovers inside. Personally, I can well understand her enchantment, living as I do in a small London flat with an embarrassingly large collection of clothes. … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How I motivate myself to exercise

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ‘How do you get the motivation to exercise regularly?’ It’s a question I get asked almost as often as I workout (which is around five times a week, normally) and I totally get why people struggle. After all, much as I’d love to claim I’m one of those people who genuinely enjoys … Continue Reading

MTV: I took on the F45 8-week challenge

PUBLICATION: MTV Australians know a thing or two about fitness. With their outdoorsy lifestyles and tendency to be half-naked on the beach, Aussies spend a lot of time working out, and one of their favourite ways to do it is F45. Now becoming increasingly popular in the UK, F45 is a group fitness class involving … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Wedding guest etiquette advice

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Anyone who’s planned a wedding will know that however much you love your friends and family, it’s normally the guests who cause the biggest headache when it comes to the big day. From constant text messages about the local parking situation, to that one guest who indulges in one too many G&Ts, … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Tips from decluttering experts

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Most of us crave a more organised home but, even with our best intentions, going through the decluttering process can be tricky. A lot of the time it’s because we simply don’t know what to get rid of. ‘But what if I need it?’ is a common refrain among those sorting through … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to choose perfume

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Perfume is the ultimate gift – from mums to sisters, wives to girlfriends, everyone appreciates a gorgeous bottle of scent. But how do you choose a fragrance for someone else? After all, perfume is intensely personal; not only do we have individual tastes when it comes to certain odours, but the smell … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: How to never have a bad haircut

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting in the hair salon, watching the mirror as your stylist busily snips away at your hair. You’ve got a niggling feeling that something’s not right… but no, you can’t make a fuss. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Half an hour later, you’ve paid … Continue Reading

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Tips for 40+ style

PUBLICATION: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING While many women feel totally in their comfort zone with winter style ­– you can’t go wrong with a coat and boots, after all – summer can be a scary time, sartorially speaking. Read the full story.

MARKS & SPENCER: Five summer dresses every woman needs

PUBLICATION: MARKS & SPENCER EDITORIAL From the classic shirt dress to a fit-and-flare number that will take you anywhere, we round up the five dresses every woman needs for the new season. Warning: you won't be able to resist. Read the full story.

MARKS & SPENCER: The best silk shirt to buy now

PUBLICATION: MARKS & SPENCER EDITORIAL Legend has it that silk was discovered by a Chinese empress, who sat under a mulberry tree and became enraptured when a cocoon fell in her lap and began to unravel, revealing the shimmering fabric within. Read the full story.

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