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If you’re crap at mindfulness, try reading

The other day, I went to a training session at work called ‘Dealing with feeling’. Initially, I thought I was signing up to a management course, but when I got there I discovered it was all about managing your own difficult feelings, therefore improving ‘wellbeing’. To warm the group up, we were split into pairs … Continue Reading

6 best things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the perfect holiday destination for people who can’t stand lying on a beach all week. Sure, there is stunning coastline - and kicking back with a beachfront cocktail in Tangalle is a must - but this Indian Ocean island is also packed with activities for energetic types to enjoy. CLIMB THE ROCK … Continue Reading

Fitness class review: Iron Zuu from Virgin Active

What is it? A new 30-minutes class at Virgin Active, combining old school weight-lifting and primal movements. My experience: As the owner of a distinctly dodgy shoulder, I’m always really wary of lifting weights in case I do myself further damage. However, it’s something I definitely want to do more of, which is why I was excited … Continue Reading

What happened when I did a Fitstagrammer’s workout

For those of us who would classify our body type as ‘distinctly bog standard’, Instagram can be a daunting place. Toned legs, gym-honed arms and stomachs that definitely don’t require tucking into jeans dominate the app, thanks to the rise of Instagram fitness stars, who have gained legions of fans with their exercise tips and … Continue Reading

I did Ride London and bloody hated it

Today is Ride London and, while I admire the Lycra-clad masses gamely jumping on their bikes to take on the challenge, at the same time I’m thinking: thank God it’s not me. I took part in Ride London a couple of years ago. After running the London Marathon, I assumed the natural next step after … Continue Reading

Fitness class review: BarreSCULPT from Barrecore

What is it? A new class from ballet-inspired fitness studio Barrecorre, which uses resistance band exercises to build intensity and help you feel the burn in those deep, hard-to-reach muscles. My experience: A lot of the exercise classes I do as a journalist are fairly relaxed (think lovely rooftop yoga), so I swanned into Barrecore’s studios … Continue Reading

Review: Aladdin the musical, Prince Edward Theatre, London

Confession: it’s been a whole day since I went to see the new West End musical production of Aladdin, and I still have ‘A Whole New World’ rattling around my head on repeat And another confession: I bloody loved it, which is probably very uncultured of me given that this is undeniably a big, brash, expensive, … Continue Reading

Workout review: The Pack at Virgin Active

It’s impossible for me to hide the fact that I’m a super competitive person. When I was younger, I would be quietly furious at losing a game of Ludo, and as an adult I spend my mornings jogging round Clapham Common trying to overtake all the blokes in front of me. You can imagine, then, that a … Continue Reading

5 things I learnt from a MAC makeup artist 

So yesterday I had my makeup done for work purposes (promise) at MAC on Carnaby Street, a shop I always drool over on the way to the office because it’s like a wondrous art shop but for your FACE. The feature I’m currently working on required me to get a full on glam makeover – … Continue Reading

Best things to do during a weekend in Lisbon

I love travelling, and if my journalist salary allowed, I’d spend every weekend and all my annual leave jetting off to various destinations across Europe and the world (it doesn’t, obvs). Recently I headed off the Lisbon on a surprise trip for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. Amazingly he didn’t guess beforehand, even though I kept … Continue Reading