So yesterday I had my makeup done for work purposes (promise) at MAC on Carnaby Street, a shop I always drool over on the way to the office because it’s like a wondrous art shop but for your FACE.

The feature I’m currently working on required me to get a full on glam makeover – false eyelashes and all. And then, to make the most of my killer smokey eyes, I got a Nandos and went home to watch Gogglebox. YOLO etc.

Here’s me on the sofa with my falsies.

Anyway, while I was in the store, I met a lovely makeup artist called Phoebe who gave me the following handy tips. Seemed only fair to share her makeup expertise…

1. Use a darker undereye concealer than foundation 

An exciting aspect of my MAC trip was that I finally got colour matched (NC15, come to me baby). However, Phoebe explained that if I were to pick the same shade of concealer for my lovely eye bags, it would look way too light. Instead she used colour corrector followed by a concealer that was slightly darker than the foundation (Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20).

2. Always curl long lashes

I never bother curling my lashes, mainly because mine are actually pretty long anyway (don’t hate me, the eyeballs underneath are so useless I can barely see my own hands without contacts). However, apparently longer lashes means you should DEFINITELY curl them, helping them stick upwards instead of just, kinda, forwards. I will be adding this step to my routine asap.

3. Do your smokey eye first

Have you ever noticed that, if you prepare your skin first for a night out, you end up putting LOADS of foundation, concealer, bronzer etc on, and then when you add a dramatic eye on top it looks a bit drag? Phoebe recommends doing the eyes first, partly because it means you avoid eyeshadow falling onto your foundation, but also because it probably means you’ll scale down the amount of makeup on the rest of your face.

4. Start ‘tightlining’ 

Yeah I know that 99% of the world’s population probably knows what this is, but until my MAC appointment I wasn’t really familiar with tightlining (where you put eyeliner on the waterline underneath your top eyelashes). Now it’s my new favourite thing, mainly because as an eyeliner addict it allows me to look a bit more natural, while still getting the definition required to stop people from asking me if I’m ill.

5. It’s ok to stick to what you love 

Now I enjoy messing about with makeup samples just as much as the next person, but when Phoebe asked me what colours I liked for my eyes I felt strangely apologetic telling her that basically, I just prefer variations on brown. In fact, I hate wearing anything grey or blue round my eyes – I always shudder when I see myself in the office loo mirrors on those days I decide to ‘experiment’.

At this point I expected Phoebe to give me a lecture on how I just hadn’t found the right shade of blue etc, but actually she was more like ‘Yeah me too – cool colours just don’t suit some people’. I’ve now thrown out my most hated grey eyeshadow palette for good, because I feel like I now have makeup artist permission.

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